A scouts journey for phone signal after getting split up from his troop. Find your way through the dense Australian bush. 

This game was created during the 2018 Global Game Jam using the theme 'Transmission'.

CardBound is a nostalgic adventure 3D platformer set in a vivid world made of children’s arts and crafts.
Take up the role of Snip, as you run, jump and slide through a multitude of platforming obstacles built of pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and cardboard.
those darn millennials
Those Darn Millennials is hard-hitting social satire disguised is a silly little physics simulation game about creating avocado smash, and the woes of repaying a home loan. 
croink: a drinking game
CROINK! Is a lighthearted social drinking game for 3 - 8 players. Test your luck against a simple 50-50 coin toss... the only catch? The coin will introduce new and surprising rules as the game progresses.
oh, whale!
Oh, Whale! is a multiplayer game played on a single mobile-phone screen.
Pit yourself and a friend, whale vs whale, as you play a game of aquatic-volleyball bouncing sea-life back and forth. This game was created during a 2 day game-jam.
a slap in the park
Catch successive waves of bigger animals with a giant sticky hand. Catch more and bigger animals for maximum points
This game was created during the 2017 Global Game Jam using the theme 'Waves'.
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